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Various Types of Building Repairs

When we say building repairs, it means any kind of repair required in order to make sure that the overall building is safe. The kind of building repairs a property needs will vary from case to case; there are those that need mainly structural repairs and ones that have problems regarding their electrical, subsidence, damp areas, plumbing, and drainage.

Damp Areas

Rising damp has become the most common problem of people whenever damp is related. We’re sure you have seen this somewhere, the lines on the walls caused by t he damp; rising damp occurs whenever the moisture coming from the ground climbs up the walls. The moisture that climbs up the walls have salt in them, these salts are left on the well whenever the damp completely evaporates. Overall, the rising damp will leave quite the stain and damage to your property.

Structural Building Repairs

Basically, structural problems will concern your roof, ceiling and walls; these are painfully obvious problems. If you’re having problems with your building’s structure, then we suggest that you look for a few indications that damages have already occurred on your property like sagging roof tiles, bulges, leaning walls and swaying.

Out of all the parts in a structure, the best indicator is actually the roof, it’s a very reliable indicator of any damage to the structure. Take a quick look at the roof’s ledge, see if it’s still straight. In case you notice any form of sagging on your roof, especially on the centre or at the ends, then this is a clear indication that the load bearing walls have moved or shifted. Another perspective you should check is the exterior of the property, see if the walls are still at level and they’re straight; to be certain you need to use something like a carpenter’s level. Make sure that the structure or property still meets the foundation, otherwise then it has already start to shift. Other than the mentioned indicators, you need to also take note of any cracks on the property’s windows, doors and walls.

Problems Arising from Subsidence

Subsidence is the sinking movement of the soil where any building or structure rests on. Subsidence can cause any of the following: blocked or leaking drains, cracks in the brickwork, distortions on the window or door frames and cracks in plasters.

There are a number of various reasons why subsidence actually occur:

-Any sort of mining activity performed on the area.

-If the structures were actually on soils similar to clay or the water table goes down because of a dry spell or when the water was sucked away from the soil by surrounding plants or trees.

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